300 The First Successful Video Game-Styled Movie

300moviegame.jpgWhile the blockbuster hit film 300 was based off of a graphic novel that was in turn based of a historically-themed graphic novel by comics legend Frank Miller, Sony Pictures Digital's Yair Landau attributes it success to video games, or rather the video game generation. In an interview with Gamasutra, Landau, who oversees SOE as well as Sony Pictures Animation, explores convergence between movies and video games, using 300 as an example.

"I actually think that the phenomenon of 300 is really, in fact, a manifestation of the video game experience in kind of the collective conscience. The audience who came to see 300 was weaned on video games and what they saw in the marketing materials for 300 was a similar experience. They didn't show up because they were interested in the Spartans, or because they read Herodotus, or because they thought the Battle of Thermopylae was a great, untold story.

They showed up because they saw a movie experience that was the most similar to the game experiences that they've grown up playing. The movie works because it's violent and it's actually very video game-ish.

Upon first reading this I thought to myself, "No, I went to see the movie because I like Frank Miller, silly movie man," but the more I thought about it, the more I realized he was right. The fact that there wasn't a major video game released for the movie (the PSP version does not count) didn't really phase me because 300 was just the sort of visceral, intense experience I crave in a video game, only without a controller.

Hit up Gamasutra for more on the growing bond and blurring lines between video games and film.

Sony's Landau: 300 The 'First Video Game Movie Translation'


    Did anyone find that the movie "Children of Men" reminded them of Half Life 2? I did.

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