5 Gaming Industry Keynotes, In Short Form!

gdc08.jpg From Magical Wasteland comes a hilarious (and quick) wrap up of five of the gaming industry's most popular keynotes. Maybe it's just because I've hit my saturation point with this sort of stuff, but I found it wickedly funny and oh-so-true. My personal favorite is the first:

Let's think about the future for a second. You probably don't understand the kids that make up the bulk of our audience, but I do. I call them the network MySpace remix 3.0 social generation. Unlike any other people before them, young people today like to interact with each other. They also like music. YouTube is the perfect example of whatever point it is I'm making. Everything should be online and customizable.

It's short. It's funny! It's worth a read. As someone in the comments section said, "You just saved me so much in travel expenses." Touché.

Five Short Video Game Industry Keynotes [Magical Wasteland via GameSetWatch]


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