+7 Christmas Shopping

To: Crecente From: Luke

So, like I said, I spent the weekend in Sydney at the Clutch show. Was super-great. But was only part of the weekend. As for the rest, well, it was the only chance I've had to really go Christmas shopping on my own, since most days my girlfriend takes our car to work, leaving me and by blogging arse stranded at home. Man, did I take advantage. I went Christmas shopping MAD, and got nearly everything done over the space of a single afternoon. I'd like to think that's levelled me up for next year's onslaught, but we all know, deep down, that Christmas shopping auto-scales...

Here's what you missed while ironing your shirts for the week ahead: SCEA's Jack Tretton gets a little defensive. Oregon Trail, now featuring a Toyota Prius. Kaz Hirai puts his money where his gaping, guffawing mouth is.


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