Microsoft’s Idea Of A Good Summer

Microsoft’s Idea Of A Good Summer

whitebox1.jpgYou know how I was talking about PR earlier today? Well, Microsoft has stepped up to the plate. I doubt it was because of the flashy Prototype promo, but I’m going to pretend it had something to do with it. Makes me feel all important and stuff (I’m not).

So, what’s in the white box? It’s not anthrax, I know that much. Hit the jump for an inside shot.
whitebox2.jpgYes, it’s beer. James Boags even. Gosh, Microsoft sure knows how to spoil a fella. Included with the alcohol was a piece of paper pointing me to Not sure about the big games, but that sure does look like a big typo.


  • It’s an interesting puzzle. I can only get 21/30 game titles. I wonder if there’s a prize for identifying all of them?

  • Too bad if you’re not a drinker or you’re a recovering alcoholic…

    I totes just spent entirely far too much time thinking of fishing games then I care to admit, only to find it had _nothing_ to do with fishing whatsoever. How dare they make me feel like a fool! 🙁

    If you finish it, you just get a ‘congrats you found them all!’ message – no prizes or anything as far as I can tell. Lame.

    I did click near the green tack in the congrats message and found you could type away in a mysterious text box. (I automatically entered my email address in coz what else are mysterious text boxes for?)

  • I still don’t understand how alcohol is governed as acceptable in our society, sure I myself have an occasional drink, you cant not without looking like a anti-drinking tight ass, but this is directly injecting poison into our system?


    Pregnant woman get f**ked up babies… !! HOW IS THAT NOT A BAD SIGN OF SOMETHING?

    Sure, smoking is a bigger killer but alcohol really ruins a lot of lives!

    Go on, Microsoft kill us another way if you cant take all our hard earned cash for you poorly unacceptable excuse that vista is … what’s the point in having a dx10 card when I cant use it! ie: crash, crash… stability=none.. crash, crash.

    go ahead turn is into=



    if micheal bay is correct we’ll all be reamed in the ass with more micro transaction nonsense!!!

    I am SO upset the PSN utilized this bulls**t.

  • I can think of much better things to do than play a web-based picture game designed for me to think about the xbox 360 titles, microsoft so desperately want us to buy.

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