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Mickey Mouse Doesn't Look Like a Mouse Comment by: aldo_14 Nominated by: skrame

@Sailorcancer: Does Japan have to worry about west nile virus?

Nah, it's in the east.

There Is No Shortage of Homophobes on Xbox Live Comment by: Campster Nominated by: sholmes

I think it's pretty awful to assume that using a name like xxxGayBoyxxx is "asking for it." By the same logic a woman who signs up as HaloChick23 is just opening herself up to being called a bitch, or a Muslim who signs up as IslamIsNeat is opening himself up to a bunch of Jihad and towel head jokes.

While putting personal information on such a public forum isn't a brilliant idea, it doesn't give people the right to be assholes. You can't say "Being gay isn't a crime, but admitting to it is." Wearing a low-cut dress doesn't make a rape victim less of a victim, and putting "Gay" in your gamertag doesn't make you any more deserving of hate.

This is a well thought out and perfectly articulated comment on a very serious issue. Please put it front and centre for others to read and learn from. Thank you.

$500 Gift Certificate Contest Ho! Comment by: balls187 Nominated by: skrame

sounds dumb, but I typically donate my used game/systems to the local battered wife/kids shelter. Id score a wii and a bunch of games and donate it.

JT on Trial for Crimes Against Inanity Comment by: ShaggE Nominated by: Copesetic

I hope the judge has enough of a sense of irony to end the ruling with "boom, headshot."

350k Wii Sold Last Week, Record DS Sales Comment by: Fnor Nominated by: Dylan

I just confused the crap out of myself. See, I went to turn on my Wii for some Fire Emblem, only to realise that the game I thought was just released actually does not exist! Not to be discouraged, I reached for my Metroid Prime 3 box, only to learn that I imagined the entire experience! Desperate, I tore my room apart, desperately searching for some sort of game, any game, to keep myself from being branded as one of the "sheep" by the cool kids of the video game internet world. I lunged for my laptop and searched EB.com. There was no Wii section! Finally, my cat moves, and under him- what is this?- Super Mario Galaxy! I pick it up and cradle it in my arms, overjoyed that I won't feel compelled to tell anonymous strangers who don't give a damn about what I say about how I'm sick of nintendo and selling my wii. But then, to my dismay, the shiny, mario-bearing box DISAPPEARED.

No power on heaven or earth could stop the wrath of the internet gaming troll. Literally dozens of them raised their angry fists into the air, and with a solitary shout of "The Wii has no games!" willed it to be so. They care not for personal preference. They have myriad reasons for wanting to trivialize Nintendo's success- overattachment to one genre, overemphasis on internet play as The One True Gaming, wanting to look cool for ignoring the common trend- but all that is in the past, as their pure nerd-rage has caused every game designed and released for Nintendo's little box that could to blink out of existence.

This is Nintendo! Look upon its works, ye mighty, and despair! Sales will not save you. Facts will not save you. Public goodwill will certainly not save you. Angry people on the internet have spoken, and with their shrill keening comes your doom!

K-I-S-S-I-N-G Comment by: dan Nominated by: hikergirl

Def need to look into getting his own little bird shirt. Well that should definitely help stop his clothing dilemmas. Going to school? Bird shirt. Going to a friend's house? Bird shirt. Making a television appearance? Bird shirt. You could even go all Men In Black with it. "Let's put it on..." "Put what on?" "The last shirt you'll ever wear."

Helpful Parental Game Buying Tips from Leland Yee Comment by: Archangeldeath Nominated by: Samos42

At least he doing this the right way. Instead of going back in time killing the creators of Pong so that he can "Save the children. Save the world".

Helpful Parental Game Buying Tips from Leland Yee Comment by: Tonx82 Nominated by: Mansteak

>Go north >/You enter a large room with vaulted ceilings. A stone PEDESTAL sits in the middle of the room. In the PEDESTAL sits a SWORD./ >Get sword >/What?/ >Look pedestal >/What?/ >Help >/Your can [p] unch, [s] teal, or [k] ill./ >Kill Sword >/The sword is dead. +10 points.

Man Swaps Garbage Filled 360 For Cash Comment by: altgod Nominated by: Essonse

Guys, I'm not sure that this man is responsible for this. I just cracked open my 360, and it has roughly the same stuff inside: stray wires, crumpled paper, and a book (Sentence Composing for College). I think those are just the compenents. I put the case back on and I'm playing Gears right now.

Trading in Games, Is It Worth It? Comment by: EndersGame Nominated by: edb87

Worked at EB a LONG time ago for five years. It's possible to make a "good trade in" when you trade in your games.

It's also possible to win the lottery. I would say winning the lottery has a better chance.

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