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On Women in the Industry (Jade and Ubisoft) Comment by: DARTH_TIGRIS Nominated by: Satsuz

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Its too late for that!

Jade is cute. Many people are cute. Let's move on.

Games are a hugely collabrative effort. If Jade is going to be pranced in front of the media (Cliffy B was too), then how about using her as a means to show how much of a collaborative effort it is. Other folks deserve attention too instead of just sticking one face (Miyamoto, Itagaki, Kojima, Perry, Schafer, Levine, the list goes on and on) out there as THE gamemaker.

Hillary Clinton is Polling About Video Games Comment by: Pezdispenser Nominated by: Pullupachair

I think we found our winner for the Godzilla contest. ;)

Video Games = Crack Cocaine Comment by: Flanker Nominated by: beeporama

Videogames are not addictive. I mean, I've played videogames for the last 13 years, at least 12 hours a day, and I'm not addicted yet...

Nintendo Share Prices Have Officially Stalled Comment by: Seestoff Nominated by: Green-clad gamer dude

How the hell is PS3 considered a underdog?

Pokemon Dressed Up In Moe Comment by: K-Oss Nominated by: Justme8800

To all the people who think THIS is disturbing, I present this concept for you to postulate on:

Moemon Snap.

Nielsen Ratings Show WoW Tops PC Gaming, PS2 Tops Consoles Comment by: skrame Nominated by: Side

I play Chu Chu Rocket all day. I'd guess I put in about 45 hours per week. If I'm not putting cats into rockets, I'm working it on my Tiger handheld. Bowling and Football FTW! Therefore I'm single-handedly responsible for keeping the current generation down while keeping "other" so high.


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