Alliance Forces Back Ron Paul

leeroypaul.jpgRepublican presidential candidate Ron Paul has been called the internet's candidate, and what's on the internet can't help but spill over into World of Warcraft. On New Year's Day a group of Paul followers are planning a march from Ironforge to Stormwind on the Whisperwind server to show support for their favorite candidate. The march will begin at 8:30 PM. Depending on the route they take, this could be an extremely short march (Ironforge to train tunnel to Stormwind) or an extremely long and humorous one as dozens of Ron Paul supporters sporting newbie Gnome and Dwarf characters die in droves trying to cross the Burning Steppes. Unfortunately Whisperwind is a non-PVP server, so the worst any political opposition can do is /rude, /spit, and kek.

Ron Paul supporters plan rally in Azeroth [WoW Insider via Game Politics]


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