Amazon Offering Massive Blu-ray Buy One, Get One Free

51imjoJs0RL._SS500_.jpgWhile it's not strictly gaming news, PS3 owners will rejoice at some extra goodness on top of this week's Unreal Tournament 3 headshot sundae. Because Amazon is offering a 115-title buy one, get one free sale on Blu-ray movies. Usually these offers consist of a a couple of westerns, discs 2 & 5 of a 7-disc miniseries, and that racing movie we all got free with the PS3 a long time ago. This sale includes big movies like Casino Royale, 300, March of the Penguins, Wild Things (Unrated Edition), Full Metal Jacket, Donnie Brasco...oh man, lots of good stuff here. It's like they want me to rebuy my entire DVD collection or something. We have all 115 titles after the jump if you prefer to search outside of Amazon's sale pages. Otherwise, good hunting. 300 Troy - The Director's Cut The Departed Casino Royale GoodFellas Blood Diamond The Fifth Element (Remastered) Underworld (Unrated) National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation A Christmas Story The Last Samurai Monty Python's Life Of Brian - Two-Disc Collector's Edition Bram Stoker's Dracula Letters from Iwo Jima Unforgiven Happy Feet Black Hawk Down The Fugitive Enter the Dragon Underworld - Evolution The Phantom of the Opera The Road Warrior March of the Penguins Alexander, Revisited - The Final Cut The Patriot (Extended Cut) TMNT The Fountain The Wild Bunch 20 Million Miles To Earth (50th Anniversary Edition) The Dirty Dozen Hellboy Kung Fu Hustle The Searchers Under Siege Big Fish Memoirs of a Geisha Black Book We Are Marshall A Scanner Darkly Donnie Brasco (Extended Cut) A Knight's Tale Full Metal Jacket Tears of the Sun Memento 50 First Dates Wyatt Earp Into the Blue Deliverance A Few Good Men House of Flying Daggers Rio Bravo Tekkon Kinkreet Good Night and Good Luck 16 Blocks Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within Music and Lyrics Stealth Hitch Curse of the Golden Flower Open Season The Pursuit of Happyness Ghost Rider (Extended Cut) Layer Cake National Geographic - Relentless Enemies Lethal Weapon 2 Stranger Than Fiction The Lives of Others Wild Things (Unrated Edition) Viva Las Vegas Cruel Intentions Identity Resident Evil - Apocalypse XXX Monster House Vertical Limit Seven Years in Tibet Battle of the Bulge Rocky Balboa Hollow Man - The Director's Cut Silent Hill Closer Click Arlington Road The Holiday S.W.A.T. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby The Replacement Killers (Extended Cut) Immortal Beloved Ultraviolet Revenge (Unrated Director's Cut) The Big Hit House of Wax Hostel - The Director's Cut Flatliners Perfect Stranger Vacancy The Tailor of Panama Secret Window Volver Catch and Release Blood & Chocolate Warriors of Heaven & Earth The Covenant Gridiron Gang Benchwarmers Stomp the Yard The Messengers All the King's Men Basic Instinct 2 Premonition Running With Scissors Little Man Are We Done Yet? RV Rescue Me - The Complete Third Season

Amazon Sale [via ps3blog]


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