Amazon Sold 17 Wiis Per Second In 2007

nintendo_wii_1-1.jpgNintendo Wiis sell like hotcakes. Actually, that's probably not true. Hotcakes may have been all the rage back in the day, but now Nintendo Wiis sell like Nintendo Wiis. Amazon recently announced that, when the Wii was in stock, it sold at the rate of 17 units per second. In the one minute it might take you to text message a friend, 1,000 Wiis would already be gone. With ridiculous stats like that, it almost looks fair for retailers to sit on shipments to build up a bit of stock. Almost.

They also mentioned that on its largest day of sales, December 10th, Amazon moved 62.5 items per second. That really puts that 17 units per second stat into perspective. (Amazon did not report if the other 55.5 units per second were in any way related to warm pastries).

Amazon Sold 17 Wiis Per Second In 2007


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