American Santa Doesn't Bring Ultraman Toys

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Man, I am blotto! So so so tired. I had to call a couple people for a mag article, phone Korea for another one and had a long phone conversation with yet another editor. Talking to people on the phone really kicks my arse and makes me tired — I totally prefer email, IM and shouting.

Squeezed some time in the afternoon to search for Christmas presents online. He really wanted Ultraman figures and Tomica playsets, but we explained that since he's going to be in America, Santa can only bring him American toys. *spoiler* The reason being that we don't have enough suitcase space to carry all his presents from Japan to America. He seems reasonably content with getting American presents, and I finally convinced him that Playmobil is cool. Can't wait to play with that Playmobil!

I kind of feel bad about *spoiler* lying about the Santa thing. But, it's actually fun to see the kid so excited. Though, I remember the utter Christmas eve shock of catching my dad setting up a He-Man playset and placing it on the fireplace. He told me he was setting it up for Santa. I didn't believe it, and the illusion was crushed.

Today at school, the kid said he made a snowman. Interesting to not about Japanese snowmen: They only have two spheres (body and head). Western snowmen typically have three spheres (legs, torso and head).

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