Analyst Sees Multimedia Hubs Dominating in 2008

wii6.jpgPiers Harding-Rolls not only has a name way cooler than yours will ever be. He's also a senior analyst at media (analyst) firm Screen Digest. And he thinks that 2008 will belong to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Now that these multi-media services - online video, IPTV, digital terrestrial TV and PVR functionality - are now available or poised to come on line in different markets, this 'hub' strategy is emerging as a key console battleground for Microsoft and Sony.

Hmm, most people thought the PS3 struggled because it lacked games, not multimedia features. And unless Sony will be bringing that sweet PS3 DVR functionality to the US, there's massive hole in their plan for the time being. As for the 360, aside from DivX, their multimedia functionality has gone quiet as of late. PS3 Primed for 2008 Comeback - Screen Digest [nextgen]


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