Analysts Claim That Video Board Games Are The Next Big Thing

HB00390.jpgAdvanced AI? It's alright. More polygons than your eyes can discern? Kinda neat. Board games on your TV? Now you're talking!

A simExchange analyst Jesse Divnich thinks the board games made video games are the next big thing, telling Gamasutra that:

For emerging genres, we will likely see an influx of "board game" type titles over the next few years. I expect Scene It? on the Xbox 360 to have moderate success.

OK, well that's one person's opinion. And analysts aren't always right. Wait, someone else actually agrees with her? From Creative Stratagies' Ben Bajarin:

Since the Wii came out, I have called it the "board game for a new generation" — using the metaphor of a board game that many families still [play]but did more often before TV.

Oh, so he just sees the video game as a figurative board game.

Either way, the bigger message seems to be that the future successful titles will bring the whole family together, ala board game...though not necessarily being a board game proper. Luckily, this should mean that tomorrow is filled with more than a bunch of 720p Monopoly ports.

Analysts: 'Board'/Party Games The Next Guitar Hero? [gamasutra]


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