Analysts: Things Are Lookin' Up For Sony!

sony_upswing.jpgAccording to a report from CNN/Money, the PlayStation 3 has momentum. Upward momentum, that is, the kind that's in part helping Sony's earnings some six-fold this year compared to the last. Analysts such as Hiroshi Kamide of KBC Securities, who feels that the PS3 has finally had a "proper launch" this year, and David Gibson of Macquarie Securities who points to the cheaper model of the console, as the reasons for the upswing. I might pick a lack of Krazy Kutaragiisms as part of the change, but there's no way to gauge that, sadly.

They seem to like the fact that publisher Enterbrain picked Sony's PlayStation 3 as the winner of November's sales in Japan, beating long running console winner, the Wii. We suspect that victory will be short lived, as nearly everyone who wants a copy of Shin Sangoku Musou 5 likely has one and new released Wii Fit is... well, it's Wii Fit.

An unnamed analyst went far enough to note that he thinks Sony "putting a lot of pressure on Nintendo I think is significant." At this point it seems more like the pressure of a firm handshake, but I didn't go to Analyst College.

With the PS3 finally on the receiving end of some solid exclusive releases, now available to more budget minded consumers, could it finally find it's way out of the sales ghetto? We'll have NPD sales data next week to get an accurate look at how November went in North America.

Things looking up for Sony as PlayStation 3 sales pick up - analysts [CNN/Money]


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