Another Look at Sony's "Patapon"

pataponbattle.jpg Crecente gave us his (really positive) impressions of Patapon back in September during TGS; now Stephen Totilo has written up his take of the almost final version of the PSP rhythm game scheduled for US release in February '08. I love the look of the graphics and the gameplay sounds like a lot of fun - Totilo seems to think if the full version can offer enough variety to keep it interesting, there might be something to Patapon:

"Patapon" has the look and the charm. The controls I used were solid. I'm curious to see if the game offers enough gameplay variety — enough rhythms for the player to apply, enough strategies for them to execute. If it does, then this game should come together nicely.

Over the years, good rhythm-based games have been consistently impressive to listen to and to control, but not often to look at. If "Patapon" comes together, it could be joining "Rez," Jungle Beat" and "Everyday Shooter" in some rare company: fun to hear, to play and to see.

Good thing I don't have a PSP, as I find games like this painfully addictive. Will Patapon hold up to expectations? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Behold 'Patapon' — Hands-On With Near-Final Version Of Sony's Wild PSP Rhythm War Game [MTV Multiplayer]


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