Another Tale Of Wii Therapy Goodness

companionwii.jpgThe Wii continues to prove itself as a proficient tool for physical rehabilitation in a story out of St. Paul Minnesota involving a therapist at Gillette Children's Specialty Heathcare named Anna Forsberg, who has introduced Nintendo's console to her patients after receiving one as a wedding gift back in August. The freshly opened system was immediately put to use, aiding in the recovery of a 15 year-old girl who had recently awoken from a three-week long coma.

Unlike traditional video games that use a joy stick or finger controls, the Wii requires users to replicated the action of the sport they are playing. "You can't play tennis with your hand in your lap," Forsberg tells her patient. "You have to move your whole arm."

Far too easy.

With the patient's parents already seeing a marked improvement in their child with only the one session under her belt, it's yet another success story for Nintendo's plucky little console. Anyone else getting the feeling that the Wii will still be used in hospitals around the world long after we've moved on to whatever Nintendo has up its sleeve next? And will the mainstream press ever get over ending their Wii articles like this?

It's hard work, made easier, with a Wii bit of fun.

Oh Boyd Huppert, your wit tickles me so! *sigh*

Wii makes for fun therapy at children's hospital [KARE 11 TV]


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