Arcade Flyer Art Saturday Takes a Hiatus

punchoutflyer.jpg When I went to the The Arcade Flyer Archive today to start the rigorous search for this week's flyer to feature I saw this note from TAFA's tireless founder, Dan.

There is no Arcade Flyer update this month because after posting 300 flyers a month since April I'm just plain burnt out. Stay tuned in January when the regular updates resume. Happy Holidays everyone!

Looking back over the past year I realised I had written over forty different AFAS features and that I was feeling a little burnt out myself. Poring over the hundreds of flyers documented, you come to realise that not every flyer has artwork worth posting and often times the really good ones contain absolutely no information about the game itself. So in a Flyer Art Solidarity pact with Dan, I too am taking a flyer hiatus until the new year.

Don't forget that TAFA is going to be selling off a large portion on their collection at the beginning of next year for a paltry $US 1 a piece. So, while you're waiting for AFAS to return next you, be sure to peruse The Arcade Flyer Archive site and see if there's any of them you might want to take home with you. My bet is that you'll at least find one.


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