Are WWII Shooters Getting Old?

ww2vet.jpgRandy Pitchford is boss of Gearbox. Gearbox make Brothers in Arms. Brothers in Arms is set in WWII. We're all sick to death of WWII shooters, but Randy sees no cause for alarm:

It's...a great backdrop for gameplay. This is man to man fighting here. The stories are dramatic - we could make an infinite number of games in the World War II space and still have material to cover.

You're right, you could! So go ahead and do it. The British campaign in Burma. Free French operations in North Africa. The Canadian raid on Dieppe. Those are three suggestions you can have for free, instead of having us fight as American soldiers in Western Europe in 1944-45 for the million billionth time. ww2vet.jpgWorld War II still rich with potential - Pitchford [Eurogamer][Image]


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