Army Of Two Delayed Because It's, Well, Rubbish?

armyoftwo.jpgIt may well have been, if the writers at Xbox World magazine are to be believed. They got hold of a copy just before the game was delayed a few months back, and the code they played wasn't so great. Wasn't good. Wasn't even bad. It was worse than bad!

As it stands, Army of Two is a juvenile swear-fest with clumsy controls, a story apparently penned by a seven year old who hates them ay-rabs, laughable level design that tosses you into a cut-scene every thirty seconds, sub Perfect Dark Zero graphics and the two least likable characters in gaming history. We'd rather play as a Bubsy the Bobcat/Raiden from Metal Gear Solid tag-team than these two douchebags. The delay is a stay of execution. It has four months to get even vaguely good. Hope for a miracle.

Hardly a glowing endorsement, then. How much can EA change in four months? Those with standing pre-orders may want to hope "everything".

Misery loves company [Games Radar]


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