Assassin's Creed Success May Have Slayed EA's Buyout Chances

assassins_creed_success.jpgDid Altair's impressive killing of the competition fend off an attack from megapublisher EA? With Ubisoft boasting of 2.5 million copies of Assassin's Creed being sold so far, leading to raised sales expectations and a boost in the French publisher's market value, Financial Times posits that it may now be too expensive for EA to snap it up. Given that Ubisoft has also decided to push a few titles into its next fiscal year, the decision to invest heavily in Ubisoft Montreal's big budget action game is looking to pay off in spades.

While EA still has a stake in Ubi, the latter may have a better chance of remaining free of the EA collective for a bit longer if its fortunes continue. No pressure or anything on Assassin's Creed II, ladies and gentlemen. It's just that the future of the entire company is riding on it. Take your time.

Ubisoft's assassin and the creed of creative defence [Financial Times]


    *s* I hope they keep Altair in AC2 although i doubt it. I can't be the only girl who has a devastating crush on him!

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