Atari Allowed To Keep Crapping Out Dragon Ball Z Games

dragon_ball_z_atari.jpgFUNimation's recent disagreement with publisher Atari cast doubt on future Atari-branded Dragon Ball Z games. I know, it would've just been gutting if we couldn't see yet another Dragon Ball Z fighter packed to the brim with horribly designed characters from Mr. Akira Toriyama. Today, we have "good" news to pass on, as IGN is reporting that FUNimation and Atari have agreed to terms that will allow for the continued stream of DBZ licensed software to continue through 2010.

According to IGN the terms of the agreement see Atari issuing a $US 2.7 million cash payment and $US 800,000 in "royalty payment reductions". In even better news for Atari, the publisher is said to have a new candle at its headquarters, giving much needed light to employees following a series of electric bills that have gone unpaid. Rumours point to executives also having found a previously unclaimed crust of bread.

Atari Hangs On To Dragon Ball Z License [IGN]


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