Atlus Goes For Baroque On Wii, PlayStation 2

baroque_ps2.jpgPlayStation 2 and Wii owners will have the opportunity to get their hands dirty with some dungeon crawling in Baroque, courtesy of Atlus, early next year. The role-playing game was originally released for the Sega Saturn in Japan way back in 1998 with a PlayStation port following a year later. Then, the Baroque marketing machine kicked in, spawned a manga series, a shooting game, a typing game and, this year, a PlayStation 2 remake. Developer Spike will be bringing the RPG stateside to the PS2 and Wii in February via Atlus. Expect plenty of fancy outfits, fabulous anime hairstyles and dreary dungeons packed with monsters to dispatch.

The official site is now live and features a trailer alongside plenty of background info for those who sound intrigued by the prospect. Apologies for the headline. I couldn't help myself.

Baroque [Atlus]


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