Auran Closes Up Shop [Updated]

Auran Closes Up Shop [Updated]

auranlogo.jpgA post over at blog Doolwind sends word that Auran Developments has closed its doors, and is currently in the process of liquidating.

From the post:

Just spoke to some ex-colleagues of mine from Auran. Auran Developments (who hires the dev team) has just gone into liquidation and has shut up shop. The guys don’t get paid this week, they don’t get their holidays paid out, and they don’t get redundancy packages.

Last week, Angry Gamer caught wind that something was up. Auran CEO Tony Hilliam however quickly made an appearance to dispel the fear, uncertainty and doubt. Agile dev teams, outsourcing, and more were mentioned, but nothing of this magnitude was hinted at.

It was then revealed this week that Fury is to become completely free to play, as of the Age of the Chosen update.

I actually heard this news from a source a couple of days ago, but after being reassured by Hilliam that the rumour was “categorically false” decided not to run it.

More news as we get it.

Update 1: According to an anonymous source, Doolwind’s statement that ex-Auran staff will not receive entitlements is incorrect. The source says that when the liquidation has been sorted out, staff will be compensated.

Update 2: Tony Hilliam, former CEO of Auran, has made an official statement regarding the closure.

Auran Is Dead [Doolwind, thanks Alistair]


  • Wow, that sucks. Now I’m REALLY glad that I turned down their job offer earlier this year… I have a couple mates that work there too, I wonder if they were amoung the few that got picked up by Tantalus.

  • Nice work Tony, Happy Christmas. As long as you cover your own arse and don’t give a damn about the people under you, you should go far.

    Lucky daddy sold Neverfail for all those millions upon millions huh ?

    All the best to the Ex-Auran guys.

  • Regarding the update and the “anonymous source”:

    Yes, they may or may not be getting the redundancies, but IF they get them, will it be anytime soon, you can bet your arse they will drag that out!! There’s a little thing called…ummm Christmas (??) just around the corner, businesses like to close up shop during this period apparently. So these poor buggers are going to be waiting at the very least 4 weeks before they can go and start looking for another job.

    They deserve the money owed to them NOW.

  • Guys, this is unfair – Tony has moved tons of things to try and stop this and find employment for as many people as possible.

    Yes it is not good and it is a bad time of year but then it would be bad for anyone at anytime.

    Oh and for the record I am one of those who is redundant.


  • Yes they may get some money *eventually*. But they’ve just been given the paperwork to make them ‘creditors’, so that means it most likely won’t be the full amount they are owed and it won’t be coming any time soon.

    It also doesn’t change the fact that managment made people who are paid weekly work another full week when they knew they didn’t have the money to pay them – that was just a bastardly action.

    I hope the top executive can be held accountable for their actions, especially when they’ve been going around since the 6th telling people that they weren’t going to be shutting up shop.

  • Statements made by Tony Hilliam in the past:

    1/.”There are no bugs!” – followed by tearing in half the lastest report from QA and storming out of the meeting

    2/.Re Fury: “I still see a bright and long future ahead”

    3/. “staff will be paid for all their work to date, their annual leave entitlements, redundancy payments and long service leave.”

    I call bullshit on each of these.

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