BBFC Manhunt 2 Judicial Review Is Go

bbfclogo.jpgAnd the Manhunt 2 UK ban saga continues, as the British Board of Film Certification today announces that they have be granted permission for a judicial review of the appeal the Video Appeals Committee passed regarding the classification of the game. While I think we can all agree that no one cares about Manhunt 2 anymore, the unfolding drama could very well have an important effect on future, more interesting violent video games.

The BBFC was today given permission to judicially review the decision by the Video Appeals Committee to overturn the Board's rejection of the video game Manhunt 2. The Board has also been granted a stay on the classification of the game. It is expected that the case will be heard in January.

So even if the review does fail, the chance for UK gamers to pass by Manhunt 2 on the shelves is still at least a couple of months away.


    Just open source the game, then no one can stop it muahaha

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