Being Brian Crecente, a Tale of One Kotaku Editor's Unintentional Appearance at GDC

IMG_09632.jpgWhen you're Kotaku Editor Brian Crecente, everyone wants to be you. Men. Women. Vidal Sassoon models. Everyone.

Now, attendees of the upcoming GDC Serious Games Summit will have the chance to learn just how he does it. In the presentation "Being Brian Crecente: Using an Off-The-Shelf Role Playing Game to Teach Journalism", by University of Minnesota's Nora Paul, you too can learn the secrets of Brian's bird shirt, his blinding smile and most importantly, his hidden obsession with writing talent Mark Wilson.

So what's weird about this presentation? Brian didn't even know it was happening. As in, Brian was checking out the GDC presentation website and spotted it. And then he ran to tell us all but was stopped short, his head too big to fit through the door of his office.

Serious Games Summit [gdc]


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