Bethesda's AAA Playlist

center_checkers.jpgIt's always interesting when designers disclose what they are playing, and Bethesda recently listed a boatload of games their team was playing, broken down by occupation. Overall AAA trends include exactly what you would probably predict: Mass Effect, Rock Band, Orange Box, Super Mario Galaxy, Assassin's Creed, etc. You can also spot a dead Xbox 360, boardgames and plenty of popular (and even some older) RPGs sure to be influencing these good Samaritans who are making what will hopefully be my next favourite infatuation for a while (Fallout 3). Also of note: nobody's playing Fallout least not during weekend hours...though Oblivion is in at least one rotation.

What we're playing: Playing Catch Up with the Holiday Hits [via n4g] [image]


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