Big Mergers Back On The Menu Says Take-Two CEO

devastator.jpgSilly John Riccitiello! Big corporate gaming mergers are a thing of the past, eh? Guy didn't get the memo. Not only did we get one of the industry's biggest ever mergers only a few days after he said that, but now we've got Take-Two CEO Ben Feder saying more couplings are inevitable:

I do believe that consolidation ultimately is inevitable...Video-game development is not getting any cheaper. It's a capital-intensive business, and I don't see that going away. That will drive some of the smaller competitors out.

Sure will! Then the new big, mean companies can go stale, break up and we can kick the cycle off all over again! Can't think of a more entertaining way to lose a few billion investment dollars, can you? Consolidation inevitable, says Take-Two CEO []


    This gets my vote for "Best Unrelated Pic To Go With A Post" award 2007.

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