Bionic Commando Devs Working On "AAA Hollywood Sci-Fi Brand"

rcop.jpgYou know GRIN? Swedish developers. Did the PC versions of GRAW, and are now busy working on Bionic Commando for Capcom. They're also busy opening a new studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, filled with new staff. None of whom are working on Bionic Commando. In fact, nobody knows what they're working on. We do have a clue, though, and it's a doozy:

The new studio is working on a very, very big Hollywood sci-fi brand. It's a real triple-A thing.

AAA Hollywood sci-fi? Doesn't leave us much wiggle room. Especially when you consider most of the good franchises are already being worked on. 2001, maybe? Logan's Run? Total Recall? Robocop? Oh, shit, please be Robocop.

Bionic Commando Dev All GRINs [Next-Gen]


    Probably Robotech, seeing as thats getting the Hollywood treatment soon.

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