Bizarre Creations Taking On 007?

aston_martin_007.jpgThe latest issue of EGM is hitting subscriber mailboxes now, giving them a proper first look at Street Fighter IV. But the mag's long-running Quartermann-collected rumours are pointing to a new game from Geometry Wars and Project Gotham Racing developer Bizarre Creations. Quartermann writes that Bizarre's new owner, Activision, may already have them hard at work on a new driving title, one set in the James Bond universe. The title could feature "a load of driving elements", something Bizarre knows a thing or two about.

Of course, it's Bond, so gadgetry and missile launching Aston Martins sound like a strong possibility. Bizarre sure knows shooting, too. With the twenty-second Bond picture scheduled for a 2008 release, we might hear more about this rumoured project very soon.

Quatermann: Bizarre Working on James Bond [1UP]


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