Blizzavision Conference Call

repropay1.jpgThis morning, Activision and Blizzard cracked the OJ for an AM conference call to investors (and of course, interested gaming media). It was a bit too early for our weekend hangovers to stand, but luckily MTV's Stephen Totilo wrote an extensive account of the meeting. Here are the highlights aside from rumours of Dark Elf McMuffin ingestion: • WoW is not coming to consoles. • But if a Blizzard title were to come to consoles, Blizzard would manage it. • Actiblizzard will have 15% of worldwide gaming market and 6000 employees. • Blizzard announced their revenue for the year: $US 1.1 billion. Reports suggest that upon the announcement, Activision quickly moved a nearby file over their crotch.

Activision Blizzard Update [MTVmultiplayer][image]


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