Bomberman Land Wii Trailer

This Bomberman Land trailer for the Wii version just landed in my mailbox. I'd say I didn't like how the Wii was inspiring people to make so many mini-game games, but the title will also be hitting the PSP and DS.


    This was literally the most boring trailer i have ever seen for a game, the music was bad the edits were stupid and it just was very hard to get excited about this game, isnt that what trailers are ment to do?
    They really should fire whoever was the head producer of this trailer cause it makes this possibly good game look ridiciously bad.

    this ad was terrible, it makes me sad to see that every game seems to have a need to have minigames on nintendo games now. bomberman just needs bomberman, damnit, not some retarded minigames i am almost certain i will NEVER play

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