Box Art Goes Honest

starwarsgalaxies1.jpgMany of you have probably come across the Calloftheday's video game boxes gone honest, but we wanted to point them out for those of you who haven't. Not all of them are side splitters, but we enjoyed this response to Star Wars Galaxies (and really, all Star Wars games) pictured here. We also enjoyed the "Same Shit, Different Year" title for Fifa 2008 or MotoGP's "Don't Drive After Playing This Game."

We also wouldn't mind the DualShock 3 being renamed "we lied, you do care" or Nintendo's friend codes going by something more catchy like "we want you to play with buddies IN PERSON, get it through your f'ing head already."

You say one thing, but you mean your mother. (VideoGame Box Art Edits 2)
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