Brain Age Creator Creating Intelligent Toyotas

Professor Ryuta Kawashima is the master of brain training. Having trained the brains of millions of gamers, he has now taken the next logical step - training the brains of Toyotas. Toyota and Kawashima are currently together on various technologies to help older drivers drive safely. Technologies such as intelligent systems that monitor a driver's behavior in order to curb dangerous behavior, such as sudden increases or decreases in speed, falling asleep at the wheel, or getting in the car in the first place.

"We envision future cars will be able to monitor brain and emotional activity to back up elderly drivers," said Kawashima, a Tohoku University scientist who worked on Nintendo Co.'s best-selling "Brain Age" games _ and whose smiling image is the guide in the series.

While I am all for promoting driving safety, I just don't know about helping the elderly drive longer. I respect the elderly. I have some of the elderly in my family. I just think there is a certain point where you have to resign yourself that you can no longer safely operate a vehicle. I know Kawashima's heart is in the right place, but age happens.

Kawashima hopes to extend the technology towards all ages of drivers in the future.

"Ultimately, we hope to develop cars that stimulate brain activity, so that driving itself becomes a form of brain training," Kawashima said.

Brain training and driving? He's obviously never driven through downtown Atlanta on a Friday night. There ain't no brains to train here, professor.

Toyota and brain-game professor to develop cars for the elderly [The Sydney Morning Herald via Gizmodo AU]


    Yes its all well and good to aid the elderly. and im all for it because crippling anyones independence and freedom in anyway is heart wrentching for them and any one who knows them.

    But the stark reality of this issue simply makes it impossible to impliment ANY sort of system with these goals.

    The cost factor and the accessability.

    Developing these systems cost money and a fair amount of it. This is somthing the elderly in most cases do not have.

    From there even if you drive these costs down to be affordable. How do you impliment it? For these systems to be reliable they pretty much NEED to be fine tuned for a certain time of make or model of car. There are just to many different types of car on the road for the system to work in what ever cars these elderly ALLREADY own. sure you can try sell them a new model with these systems, but once again your dealing with money most don't have.

    anyway im rambling but you get the picture.

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