Broussard Tries to Quell DNF Hysteria


Perhaps George Broussard forgets that some of us have been waiting to play, even see Duke Nukem Forever for longer than a lot of new gamers have been playing games. Heck not only was my son not yet born, I wasn't married when the game was first announced. It's been ten years folks, well nearly.

Broussard seemed a little taken aback by the reaction to his announcement last night that there would be a "teaser video" hitting today around noon Central Time. So taken aback, in fact, that he decided to amend his statement.

Guys just to manage expectations...

This is a teaser. It's not a full blown trailer like the 2001 trailer (but something like that is coming). I tried to be clear about that in the message board post, so just bear in mind that it's a teaser :)


I suspect visions of torch-carrying, lynch-pondering gamers, not sugar-plums, dancing in his head, spurred the second statement. We'll make sure to get the video up, or a link to it, just as soon as it goes live. I plan to be disappointed.

Update [3D Realms]


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