BSG Advergame Channels Every Extend Extra

bsgadvergame.jpgCasual game developer Blackdot has created one of the best Battlestar Galactica video games ever by taking a proven concept and slapping on Battlestar graphics. Raptor's Revenge, the free to play advergame created to coincide with the release of Battlestar Galactica: Razor on DVD, is pretty much Every Extend Extra. Your Raptor is out of guns and has switched to nukes, seemingly detonating itself amidst waves of Cylon forces, creating chain reactions that take out massive numbers of enemies at a time. It actually plays pretty well, and would be quite enjoyable if not for the long, unskippable trailer that plays out before every game. Annoying, but necessary. Them DVDs ain't gonna sell themselves now.

Raptor's Revenge At Kewlbox []


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