Building Another World - The Year Zero ARG

yearzero.jpgWired's Frank Rose takes an interesting look at the world of alternate reality games, tracking Trent Reznor's Year Zero ARG, in which he creates a future world ruled by Christian dictatorship, besieged by terrorists and wracked by climate change. The article explores the work that goes into creating a successful ARG and tracks the Nine Inch Nails game from start to finish. He speaks to 42 Entertainment's Jordan Weisman, who neatly sums up the appeal of games that go beyond the consoles and computers into the real world.

"Games are about engaging with the most entertaining thing on the planet," he says, sipping coffee in his guesthouse, "which is other people."

How much fun is it to pull off a good April Fools prank? Now imagine doing that to thousands of people at once. Seems pretty damn entertaining to me.

Secret Websites, Coded Messages: The New World of Immersive Games [Wired Magazine]


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