Bungie Devs Chat With Eurogamer Friday

frankieboy.jpgIf you missed Eurogamer's LiveText chat last Friday, you missed out on Fable creator Peter Molyneux rambling on about dead leaves and being invisible, which is undeniably awesome. Their next gaming history-making chat session is coming up this Friday, and you don't want to miss your chance to grill Bungie's production director Jonty Barnes and writing lead Sinead Frank O'Connor, who has studied European culture specifically for the event.

I believe that the authoritative piece on the continent and its people, National Lampoon's European Vacation, will be an excellent preparation for me. I have no worries about the types of question these Aussies and Kiwis have planned for us.

Can a large group of people kill a man with only the power of internet-transmitted questions? Find out Friday at 3PM GMT.

Halo 3 devs next for LiveText [Eurogamer]


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