Bungie Is Xbox 360 Focused And More!

halo3-controller2.jpgIn a fan chat with Eurogamer readers, aside from being quite happy that there were thousands of miles and plenty of internet between Halo fanboys and their corporate offices, Bungie has done some talking about the direction of the company. Highlights of the chat include:

• Bungie has no plans to design for any platform other than Xbox 360. • Bungie has no plans for an XBLA title (though we're positive that Halo Wars: Evolved would sell like mad). • The "pause button [is]firmly pressed" on Halo film. • Master Chief is gay.

OK, that last bullet point may have been a complete fabrication. But imagine the tears...all those glorious, homophobic tears.

Bungie focusing on Xbox 360 [eurogamer]


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