Busy, Busy Bees

To: Ash & Luke From: Maggie Subject: Am I allowed to write these things?

So Flynn and I have been busy people the past couple of weeks - both my grandparents died a few weekends back, and Flynn graciously held down the fort for two weeks while I was taking care of family business. Now Flynn is off for two weeks so he can make a cross country drive out to San Francisco. I did the same kind of drive back in September, but Flynn's trip sounds a lot more fun than my frenzied dash to get to San Diego - I hope he's having a fun trip, because weekend work at Kotaku Towers is decidedly less fun without him to talk to.

Now I'm busy with the end of the quarter crush, and looking forward to the holidays and a nice, long break. I've got two big papers to crank out for both my major field and this year's minor field, modern Japanese history, plus some undergraduate term papers to grade. In about 7 months, I'll be more or less qualified to teach Japanese history from the late Tokugawa up through the immediate post-war period - which is a frightening thought.

Here's what you might have missed this weekend:

EA is apologising for the long wait to get replacement Rock Band guitars with a free EA game.

Crecente reported on 1Up's show of support for Gamespot reviewers and asked reviewers to send us their own experiences regarding pressure for good reviews.

And Vivendi Games and Activision are merging to form Activision Blizzard, which we all agree is a pretty crappy name.

Flynn's off again next weekend, but I'll be here keeping an eye on the place while working feverishly on papers, papers, and more papers.


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