Buy a Life-Sized Companion Cube for Charity

IM001799.JPGThere's no way you're going to wrest that Companion Cube free from the clutches of its owner, but that doesn't mean you can't buy your own. Joel Johnson, besides launching and organising Funde Razor, managed to deliver unto the charity-attending masses not one, not two, but three of these giant plushies. One was given away at Joel's Brooklyn event, one was given away at the Denver event and the third has been placed on eBay with all the proceeds going to Child's Play.

If you missed out on the events, or weren't lucky enough to win one, now's your chance to buy one for charity. We'll post the total money raised at Funde Razor (Brooklyn and Denver) once this auction wraps up.

Portal's Weighted Companion Cube Life-Sized Plush [eBay]


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