Call For Experimental Games For GDC '08

downbeat.jpg Have an experimental game in some stage of development? Heading to 2008's GDC? The Experimental Gameplay people are having another workshop this year, just like in years past, and have put out a call for experimental games. There's no requirement that games have to be 'fun' or any restrictions on development specs, though they do have some requirements for what a game needs to qualify as 'experimental' in their eyes - and what won't pass muster:

The workshop does not deal with:

New, strange, or "edgy" background stories, settings, character designs, artwork, audio, or plots that do not affect the core gameplay in a major way. New hybrids of already-existing genres, unless the resulting gameplay is unexpectedly more than the sum of the parts. Games targeted for under-served audiences, like games for girls, seniors, or 37-year old Antarcticans, but where the gameplay itself is not experimental. Purely technical innovation, experimental business models or distribution mechanisms that do not affect gameplay.

There's more info at the Experimental Gameplay website, including a submission sheet, a full list of what they're looking for in an 'experimental game,' and details on how things will work at their workshop at GDC. [via ]


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