Call For Papers: Persuasive Technology 2008

persuasive08.jpg If you've been sitting on a paper that addresses the role of software and related technology in shaping human behavior and attitudes, now is the time to polish it up and submit it for the Persuasive 2008 conference, to be held from 4-6 June in Oulu, Finland. Deadlines have been extended and the new submission date is 1 January. Ian Bogost is going to be one of the keynote speakers, and there's also going to be a doctoral consortium immediately prior to the conference. Full details and submission requirements after the jump [via Water Cooler Games]

Persuasive Technology 2008 will gather together people interested in how software and related technologies influence people's attitudes and behaviours. This conference will also feature the best new insights into how web sites, video games, and mobile phones and other applications can be designed to motivate and persuade people.

Until recently, most software applications have been developed without much thought to how they influence their users. This perspective is changing. Today persuasion matters more than ever. Now experts in industry and academics are embracing a purposeful approach to persuasive design. In an industry context, designing for persuasion is becoming essential for success. In academic settings, the study of persuasive technology illuminates the principles that influence and motivate people in different realms of life. This Persuasive 2008 Conference aims to place such work on a firm scientific footing with an emphasis on social and psychological issues as well as ethical awareness.

Persuasive technology is rapidly growing into a major discipline. The previous conferences held in Eindhoven and Stanford were infused with energetic spirit and a large attendance, with representatives from both academia and industry.

This year's conference will highlight new knowledge in the understanding and designing persuasive technology. The event will bring together researchers, practitioners, industry professionals interested in this important new field.

Research themes of the conference include:
- Motivational technology
- Persuasive games
- Smart environments
- Web2.0
- Mobile persuasion
- Well-being and health behaviour
- Theory of persuasive technology
- Ethics of persuasive technology
- Social and organizational issues
- Business models for persuasive systems
- Conceptual and theoretical approaches

Full paper: 12 pages in LNCS format
Short paper: 4 pages
Poster: 4 pages
Refer to for more detailed information on paper and poster submission guidelines.

Paper submission: January 1, 2008
Author notification: February 8, 2008
Final version submission: March 8, 2008
Conference: June 4-6, 2008

A doctoral consortium will precede the conference (June 1-3, 2008). The application deadline is expected to be February 1, 2008.

Ian Bogost, Georgia Institute of Technology
B.J. Fogg, Stanford University
Kristina Höök, Stockholm University


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