Call of Duty 4 Threat Shuts Down University

20070712174748906_4.jpgA Frostburg State University student was charged with two misdemeanor counts of disrupting a school operation after allegedly speaking a threat about "shooting up the school" on Xbox LIVE. Evidently he was playing Call of Duty 4 at the time when another player reported the statement to the Frostburg Police Department. The school was placed on lock-down while Microsoft located the Xbox's location (through address on-hand with the student's internet provider).

After the student's arrest, around 40 police officers patrolled the campus. When police searched the student's room, they found no weapons. Court documents have since shown that the student claimed "he was joking and had no intention of following through with the threats."

Misdemeanor charges filed against FSU gamer [via theinquirer]


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