Canadian Rock Band Launch Is A Right Balls-Up

canrock.jpgCanada doesn't have Rock Band, and Canada is pissed. The game was supposed to launch yesterday, but hasn't, and with EA unable to provide either a reason or an explanation as to what's gone wrong, both retailers and Christmas shoppers are fed up. Here's an example. This is a statement from an EA rep on Wednesday, the day before the game's "launch":

Demand has been incredibly strong in the U.S. and Canada and we're shipping Rock Band to retailers as quickly as we can make them, but we suggest lining up early if you want to get one in time for the holidays.

So people lined up! Early! And when the vast majority of stores opened, Rock Band wasn't there.

There are also reports coming in that EB Games stores across Canada have had their allocations of the game slashed, with a CBC news report citing two stores, one of which had their allotment cut from 50 to 20, another slashed to just ten units, which wouldn't even cover pre-orders.

Shit happens. Everyone can accept that. It seems like a handful of stores got copies and sold them, but that most did not. Whatever. But the lack of communication on the part of EA here has turned this into a problem. If it gets to the 11th hour of a product launch and neither customers nor stores really know if they're getting it or not, something's very, very wrong.

Any Canadians manage to pick up a copy yet? And locally, not from a cross-border run?

EA taking heat for Rock Band bungling [CBC, thanks Jaemeel]


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