Can't Find A Wii? Blame College Football

Gators.jpgEvery year, the organisers of college football's various bowl games are allowed to spend some cash on the players taking part. It's part souvenir hunt, part pissing contest between the officials. This year, amongst the cameras and shopping sprees and hats and monogrammed travel bags was news that three bowls - Holiday, Allstate BCS National Championship and Valero Alamo - were getting Wiis for the competing teams. And the competing team's staff. And then some. All told, each bowl committee were able to get hold of around 250 Wiis. Each. That's 750 Wiis out of the retail channel. If you're going to vent your furious spleens, we'd advice you do so here. It's safer than doing it in-person.
Nintendo Wiis, tech gifts top 2007's best bowl prizes [ESPN][Image: Getty Images]


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