Celebs Gaming Demands

justin-timberlakenuts.jpg Celebrities are sure wacko! Well, we think they're wacko. A list of outrageous celeb demands for when they stay in hotels and whatnot shows just how cuckoo they apparently are. Cuckoo for gaming! Let's dive in:

• Eminem demands a PlayStation, a ping-pong table, a basketball hoop, a flat-screen TV, a personal masseur and "whatever kind of fast food exists on the continent."

• Justin Timberlake requires the entire floor of a hotel, a private fitness studio, an extra-large stereo, a Nintendo and a PlayStation. What's more, the entire floor's air conditioning filters must be changed on his arrival. Door handles need to be disinfected every few hours.

Kooky! The original list isn't console specific, so we imagine that they demand the latest version of the consoles. We also imagine that they are batshit insane. Outrageous Demands [Huliq via Go Nintendo][Image]


    The handles need to be disinfected every few hours? I'd say this is because he's staying there and been touching them, not because other guests have been.

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