Check Out This Reader's Xbox 360 Underwear

DSCF0329.jpg Game cakes? Regular occurrence. But game underwear, now that's special. And personal. Longtime reader Scazza gave us an intimate look at what covers his, erm, stuff. Scazza writes:

I know Kotaku has a very unhealthy obsession with cakes (can't blame you), however I think your apparel coverage is lacking, but I was out shopping today and stumbled across Xbox 360 Boxers in Zellers, I think they are a canadian only store. The fanboy inside me screamed and I picked up a pair, or three. I looked around but did not see any other gaming related ones, but I think the Wii boxers would have been a little odd anyway.

So next time you see Scazza around the comment section, try not to dwell on the fact you've seen his underoos and be happy that you haven't seen him in his underoos.

Thanks Scazza for the pic!


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