Child's Play Dinner Draws Big Money, Big Prizes

big_money.jpgPenny Arcade's Tycho writes in today's update that last night's Child's Play Charity Dinner Auction raked in a cool $US 225,000 worth of donations. That impressive figure can be added to the $US 600,000 already contributed through previous contributions, making the one million dollar benchmark from the previous year's haul that much closer in sight. He writes that both Bungie and Valve brought their charitable A-games, with the Halo developer adding a "a USNC issue ordnance bag that contained literally every piece of Halo 3 merchandise ever created" to the auction pot. Also given to a lucky bidder, a set of Recon Armor from the game, items reserved for Bungie's inner circle.

Valve staffers made sure they weren't one-upped by Bungie, adding a tour of the Valve offices to the already sweet list of auctionable items. Way to give away money, diners. You did good.

The Dinner [Penny-Arcade]


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