Chimps > Humans At Brain Age

chimpnumbers.jpgOK, so it's not really Brain Age. But it's close. And definitely the same basic principle. Here, we see a chimp hitting a bunch of numbers in sequence. It's just the start of a test, getting them familiar with our crude, human numbers; as the test goes on, as soon as the chimp hits the first number the rest turn into white squares, meaning they have to remember the order the digits were originally displayed. While chimps were found to be no more accurate than humans, they were a lot faster than the human test subjects, which comprised of college students. This is where it starts, people. When we're all hanging in bamboo cages wondering how the damn, dirty apes got the better of us, know that Dr. Kawashima gave them all the help they needed. [National Geographic, via Giz AU]


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