Christmas Eve and Croquet

To: Luke
From: Crecente
Re:Cookies & Beer

Beer huh? In our house it was always cookies and eggnog, both of which were for Santa. If we were feeling especially generous we’d throw in a carrot for the reindeer, but no beer. I’m not sure how well they mix with cookies. But maybe that’s just me.

We spent a relatively warm Christmas Eve in the back yard of the Crecente family home playing croquet with the family. Funny thing, before today I’ve never actually played the game of mallets and balls made famous, perhaps, by Alice in Wonderland. Sure I knew what it was, I even had a slight grasp of the rules. I think I may have, once or twice as a child, chased my brother around the very same yard with a large wooden mallet, screaming my fool head off, but I never sat down and played. It’s a really fun game, especially if you have a really big yard and lots of people to play with. OK, that’s my vote for Game of the Year: Classic Croquet.

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Tomorrow is going to be super light because no one is really working. We do, however, have a little video holiday card Mark whipped up for our readers. I’m not sure if the end result means our readers were naughty or nice.

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