Circle Of Doom Demo Looms Over Xbox Live

kufcoddemo.jpgA playable demo of Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom has found its way up onto Xbox Live today, and I am scared to download it. It's not that I don't have the 1.2GB free space on my hard drive, or that I lack the time to sit down and play it. It's just that they took my beloved action RTS and neutered it into a hack and slash action RPG, and I can't bear to look. It's like being called down to the morgue to identify a loved one, only reversed. You guys download it and tell me if the coast is clear. The two stage demo shouldn't take you too long to work your way through. Does it retain the KUF look and feel? Is that really out-of-place guitar metal still there? Over the past year I've offered my opinion on the playability of countless games, and now it's your turn to do me a favor. Take one for the team!

Demo: KUF:COD Playable Demo [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]


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